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Nano Brows is a specialized technique using an electric handheld tool to create the finest individual hair like strokes. Pigment is accurately deposited into the skin using a nano sized needle. Nano Brows result in the finest and more crisp hair stroke, and more successful for clients with more oily skin type. 

Nano brows is suited for all skin types. 

Nano: $500

Touch Up: $300


Want to save $50? Make one payment of $750 for 2 pre-booked appointments


Not sure what style to choose? Don't worry! We can discuss when you get here. Bring any inspiration photos.

All Brow procedures require 2 appts for final results. Both appts must be booked within 2 months. Failure to book touch up will result in faded pigment, and full procedure price when past due touch up is booked.

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