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Powder Brows is a specialized technique that creates a more obvious make up stye eyebrow. Designed for individuals who desire the powder affect of make up.  Powder Brows vary in style, a soft ombre powder brow provides a soft powder in the front gradually getting darker in the arch and tail. Or a full powder throughout the base of the eyebrow. 

Powder Brows are suited for individuals with oily, or normal to dry skin, and who are seeking a fuller defined brow. 

Powder/Ombre: $500

Touch Up: $300

Cover Up Previous Work: $800


Want to save $50? Make one payment of $750 for 2 pre-booked appointments


Not sure what style to choose? Don't worry! We can discuss when you get here. Bring any inspiration photos.

All Brow procedures require 2 appts for final results. Both appts must be booked within 2 months. Failure to book touch up will result in faded pigment, and full procedure price when past due touch up is booked.

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